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Psystar: My First Visit

Back on 4-20 I was thinking about visiting Psystar’s offices to discuss the Mac clone. Psystar is a short drive from my house. I’m sure they’re scammers, but I want to see for myself. So today, I figured I’d drive by. First a few words. Their claims have been met by skepticism on all fronts. […]

Lost Explained, Plumbers, Travertine Marble, and Macs

There have been so many theories on LOST, I’ve lost track. This one which I found via Stumble-Upon today is absolutely stellar. It works. Makes sense. It’s a very long post so make sure you have time to read and think. It’s got some holes but I really, really, like this one. Today, the plumber […]

Eight Cores of Bliss

I have on my desk a 3.2ghz dual quad core Xeon MacPro running Leopard* 10.5.1 with 2gb of RAM and a total of 2TB of hard drive space (around 1/2 full already, thanks) plus dual SuperDrives and Airport and Bluetooth. The switch has been painful as all hell. I didn’t realize I couldn’t boot back […]

The Near Death of My Mac

Okay, it didn’t really die, but I got quite the scare. Actually, I got the first EVER hard crash of my Mac. I’ve never even seen this happen before on ANY of my Macs. It’s more impressive than the chimes of death (which I have seen on an old Mac in the shop many years […]

Another Mac In The Wall

I normally just write about what’s on my mind and don’t take requests as it were. However, because the topic was so appropriate for me and because the person who sent it to me is as cute as a button (Erin), I’ve got no other choice than to throw it on my blog for all […]

Appleism (Apple Becomes a Religion)

I use StumpleUpon regularly, and it dropped me into a blog which has a fascinating post. I’m sorry it took me so long to blog it, but here it is. David Kuo writes a rather interesting piece entitled “Welcome to Appleism, the religion that is Apple.” I don’t want to spoil it all here without […]

Mac v PC: South Park Style

Okay, I’m not fond of posting YouTube links, and this one’s priceless — if you prefer to zip over to YouTube directly, here’s a direct link.  The volume’s a bit low, so you may want to crank it up. This is an unbiased video too, so it matters not if you’re pro-PC or pro-Mac, this […]

Another Pundit, Another Kudos for Apple

Why is the Mac crowd often called zealots? Well, I do have to agree, the answer is because we are. But more importantly, it’s because Apple rocks. This is not a case of blind loyalty by minions with the IQ of a cinder-block* but rather a loyalty based on years of trust and (mostly) mutual […]

Another Mac Story, of a sort….

Yes, I’m always going on about why PCs suck. It’s true. Or more accurately, at least PCs that are running Microsoft Windows. Sometimes I blog about people who switch away from the PC to the Mac — I am, after all, on a mission to convert the world one person at a time. Well here’s […]

Guy Kawasaki

Hey, I just wanted to give you all a smile and a laugh and a good life lesson. Guy Kawasaki (he the evangelizing author of Macintosh Way) has this on his site. It’s his speech to a graduating high school class. It should be required reading. Not only is it amusing, it’s damned fine. Have […]