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Another Day, Another Dollar Less

First up, mom had sent me this URL which I just now got around to checking. It’s going to take you awhile to type everything in and you better have the label because you need proper spellings and dosages. However, what’s cool about it is that it compares any known interactions, what other users report, […]

Book Review and Doctor Review

Today my father asked me to find out if a doctor was any good on the Internet. I tried to explain it didn’t quite work like that, but it was over his head. So, I poked around and found this site which I rather liked. I looked up all of my doctors and reviewed them. […]

An especially bad night…

Sleepless, painful, hot, cold, anxiety, heart racing, panic. Just too much. However, it prompted me to act this morning. I’m not better by any means, but there’s some progress made. I haven’t worked a full day in two weeks — missing mornings or evenings or mid-days for doctor appointments and such. This just isn’t good. […]

Just a Quick update.

First, Suzie-Q had a great review of the Kindle on her blog. I may consider getting one around the holidays if it’s in the cards at that time. Second, I haven’t had any odd reactions to the unnamed pharmaceutical I started taking last night (with much trepidation, I assure you.) I am opposed to most […]

Brief Medical Update + Other Stuff

First, I am having a stress test on Monday. That alone is stressing me out. The doctor also sent a prescription in to Walgreens (I watched it transmit) only they don’t have it. So now, I have to wait a day to start. My doctor’s office is closed Thursday so I am concerned that I […]

Brief Update on Health and Work

So, let’s see about today’s update. I feel I owe you one. First, I am scheduled to see the doctor again tomorrow about this heart thing. I am pretty sure I have an idea about it, and I have printed out a page from the web about it. My doctor will laugh because it came […]

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….

…. It does. Just remember, you can be happy you don’t have my life :/ So today I went for my annual physical (for which I am two years behind schedule) during which they drew tons of blood, did an EKG, examined my prostate (my least favourite part), checked my weight, blood pressure, listened to […]

Mind The Gap: Book Review

I am reading (still) and have pounded out another book. This one is Mind The Gap by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebborn is set in London. I picked it up last year sometime, but never quite got to it. Now that I am making an effort to spend less time on-line and more time reading […]

Ouch + Stuff

First, my teeth hurt. Badly. Painfully. I will start to deal with that next week when, I hope, this stupid infection in my mouth is gone and the wounds have started to heal over. I’m sure I need an x-ray but if they touch me there, I’ll probably kill them dead on the spot. It […]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: The Review

Ah, yes, Mister Potter. As has been traditional, I saw the latest Potter film with Jace and Grant. No reason to break that tradition as it’s always been a fun thing to do. First, I think I will go on record as saying this 2h 48m monstrosity is the best Potter yet. And I am […]