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A Meeting With Stu Siegel

The Geography of a Recession is a very short presentation which will scare you. It should. Thanks Paul for this one. Keeps the economic “recovery” in perspective. I received for the umpteenth time the “Dear Dr Laura” letter. The contents are true, though the origins of the actual letter are unknown. I removed the name […]

I’m Tired and It’s Your Fault

Well, probably not, but now you’re paying attention. First, for the Lost fans out there, I present to you, by way of Sue, Barenaked Hurley which is hysterical. All but one of the video links are removed for DMCA violations but the lyrics are still posted. And the audio for the current entry works fine. […]

End Of NIFS and the Flight Home

The purple bit is excerpted from our corporate Facebook page (full note here): We’ve always had warehouse cats, for over 30 years in fact. We’re on train tracks – now abandoned — and if you’re on train tracks, you have a mouse problem. After trying two-legged professionals, we found the four-legged professionals worked better, are […]

Out Damned Cough

This cough sucks. Dry and hacky and it won’t go away. I hatesssssss it. It’s not as bad when I’m lying down in bed. Opposite of normal. Shout out to Tara. It’s okay: you can eat a PayDay bar if it makes you happy. This from Dave Higgins. It’s a subway map. But this one […]

A Meeting with Michael Yormark

had the long awaited and thrice postponed meeting with Michael Yormark, COO at the Panthers. I had all sorts of expectations about who he was and how he might act based on my previous interactions with him, what I’ve read, and what I’ve heard about him. This morning I got a call at the office […]