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A Plethora of Palabras

Wow. This will be a busy post. I have a lot to say. First, this YouTube Video has me highly stressed. I’ve got a very low opinions of all politicians, but is this little clip (verified, thanks) a racist rant from Hillary Clinton? It’s her but is what she saying racist? Interesting thing to wonder […]

More Nails For Windows Vista’s Coffin

Another person has added to the list of reasons that Windows Vista is now looking more like the infamous Windows ME than the future of Microsoft‘s. I have many posts about Windows Vista (see the tags below) but this is the most important one of them all. Microsoft has turned on itself. And Dave Jewell […]

Another Blow To Vista

In another blow to Microsoft‘s latest version of Windows, “Vista”, Dell has been forced to backtrack its Windows Vista only decision (news article), and is now shipping XP based systems due to overwhelming demand from its customers. While I am torn at whether or not to blog this because I hate Dell more than almost […]

Post 300: Microsoft’s Arrogance And Stupidity

An interesting article (here) about Windows Vista by Andrew Grygus. It’s fitting that my 300th post is yet another tirade against Windows. Actually, it’s more my commentary on someone else’s tirade. This guy is vehemently anti-Mac and I’m still going to talk about what he had to say because he gets it. Microsoft has gone […]

Video Game Console Wars

Whither PS/3, Xbox-360, and Nintendo Wii? Ah, well I am so glad you asked. In the 24 March 2007 issue of the Economist, they do an analysis of which of these systems is better. So far, The Xbox 360 has sold the most consoles but is flopping in Asia while doing well in the US […]

Any Excel Gurus?

I need help. Here’s a sample spreadsheet:   A B C 1 alex fred ted 2 5 8 31 3 7 16 20 4 14 19 11 5 21 22 4 Pretty easy for this example. I want to get the maximum of a row (say MAX A1,b1,c1) and then print the name associated with […]

Another reason to hate Windows Vista

If you read these DRM comments and still install it, you’re a nutter. Seriously, you can’t play selected CDs, you can’t use selected hardware and cables. It’s just screwed. Seriously, I am anti-Microsoft and I gladly admit that, but these things are even worse than you could imagine. If you must use Windows, at least […]

Randomness Part Trois

Let’s see where to begin. Today, at work, I upgraded from Outlook Express to Outlook. I can’t say I’m happy. There are so many little things with Outlook that bug me. The two biggest issues being the address book (Contacts) aren’t working properly and I can’t figure it out, nor can any of the so-called […]

Beatles: only on iPod via iTunes?

The whole article is here, but I am going excerpt from it. Yes, the long rumoured move is about nigh! The Beatles come to your iPod. And that may prompt me to buy another iPod. I had one, you know, and then I sold it on eBay. Well, you’ve all seen the cool black U2 […]

15 Year Microsoft Vet defects

Good bye Microsoft; Pete Wright has now left the building! Yep, Pete Wright, a long time Microsoft pundit and evangelist has, yes, DEFECTED! Hail! Hail! Read his blog entry (as linked above), for the whole story about why a 15-year veteran of Windows has bolted to the Mac as of yesterday. He says, “My Microsoft […]