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A Compendium of Dreck and Pat Robertson (oh, wait, that’s redundant)

A collections of links will comprise the bulk of today’s post. All sorts of items of interest (or things that I feel might be interesting.) First, and foremost, we must discuss the horrible situation in Haiti. Interstate is, like we did after Katrina, taking employee contributions and matching them for the American Red Cross and/or […]

What I Believe

(First, congratulations to Erin on her new TV. She saw it yesterday whilst we were browsing various stores and decided to buy it. So this morning I went with her in my new X5 — with the skanky iDrive system but otherwise wonderful — to move it back to her house. I must say, after […]

Welcome to a New Sponsor

I’d like to welcome a new sponsor to my trio of sites www.darsys.com, www.darsys.net, and www.panthershockey.net. So goodbye to my old sponsor who didn’t renew nor respond to emails, and hello to ZTMC.NET (and .COM) who sell aggregated ads. The nice things about these ads is they are far less intrusive and appear at the […]

Identity Theft And BankAtlantic A New Case

I had a long, involved fraud case with BankAtlantic from February of this year. There were three posts (One, Two, Three) and I only refer to them for my less-frequent readers. I had decided to keep my money there because it was convenient, they noted my new account (and all closed accounts) that there were […]

Fraud Case Update Part Two

My money is back in my account as of this morning. YAY! However, there’s more. Because my old on-line banking account was locked out because of fraud, I had to go to the branch (my local branch) to reactivate it with the new account. Well guess what, kiddies? There was a new on-line account created […]

Fraud Case Update

This is an update to my previous post. I can’t reveal much more yet due to an ongoing investigation and the fact I don’t want to compromise it. This will take quite a while so don’t expect much more than what you read here for months. Happily, I should have my money back within 48 […]

Eric Defrauded. Police Called. People Arrested.

First, I want to assure you I will gladly and fully cooperate in any investigation and gladly testify and cooperate in any way. I want the people who did this to stay in jail for a very, very long time. Here’s what transpired so far. This is edited to remove details from an ongoing investigation. […]