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MRI Results

Today, I received my MRI results. There are three components to the results. First, my C5 and C6 (or maybe it was C4 and C5) vertebrae are protruding. This is a permanent condition and will cause my minor discomfort forever. Although technically repairable with surgery they do not recommend it. That is not visible on […]

Ow, my neck ::cries::

Today I saw the spinal specialist. He’s chiropractor friendly, which I like. He took several x-rays in his office. And thus, the accident saga continues. $400 out of my pocket because they don’t do auto insurance claims. I’ll have to file this. The good news is my whiplash is probably minor. That concludes the good […]

Pain in the Neck (Literal)

Ouch. Today hurts much worse than yesterday. I am sore in my shoulders, my entire neck, upper back, and a little in my lower back. I have this burning sensation that goes from one shoulder blade to the other. And the weird random pain in my right hip. The insurance people told me that this […]

A literal pain in the neck

Yesterday, I found out I have a slipped vertebrae or disc in my neck. It’s the one right where my neck passes my shoulder. I’m not quite clear on which, but more information will be given to me this Saturday when I return to the doctor. I do know it’s painful as hell. This has, […]