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Stupid-ass phpBB 3.0.6

So today I upgraded PHMB to phpBB 3.0.6 from version 3.0.5 which was a simple process. What I didn’t realize is that it makes some significant changes that prevent roll-back to 3.0.5 and also prevent most of the new features from working. It also prevents anyone from registering. I’m miffed to say the very least. […]

Autographed Cards, Windows Woes, and more…

First, the last in my series of NHL collectible photos was posted at Flickr today. I have plenty of more stuff, but this is all you get to see. This photo shows the NHLPA Binder, NHL certificate of authenticity, and one page of nine cards. There are many pages and this is a complete set […]

Happy Thanksgiving…

Thanks to FSJ for this article: Microsoft, the largest bastion of evil outside of Yormark’s office, hosted a conference on Windows Mobile technology called Mobius 2009. There were 25 people in attendance. Picture one [Link] shows the presentation being done. On a Mac. Maybe it’s because of the 25 people they invited — see picture […]

Out Damned Cough

This cough sucks. Dry and hacky and it won’t go away. I hatesssssss it. It’s not as bad when I’m lying down in bed. Opposite of normal. Shout out to Tara. It’s okay: you can eat a PayDay bar if it makes you happy. This from Dave Higgins. It’s a subway map. But this one […]

An Enormous Post

Fake Steve Jobs (aka Dan Lyons) wrote an amusing piece in his blog today. As you may have seen, Microsoft was planning to sponsor an entire episode of Family Guy. It was to be 30 minutes and sans commercials. The payoff for them was having all sorts of Windows7 references built into the show. Microsoft, […]

A busy day

First up, an update on the Nucor saga. Next week our State Representative is coming to have meeting with me at our office to see what we’re about, why our industry is upset, and then to decide how involved he may get. I’m working on a presentation — I’m missing that laptop right now, let […]

A Joke and all sorts of newsbits

“I hate baby seals. They get invited to all the best clubs.” While it’s certainly in poor taste, I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that one-liner. You are going to repeat it to someone. I just know it. Okay, now on with today’s entry. The FTC has instituted rules that will impact a lot […]

First the public post…

I’d like to ridicule the Florida Panthers first. They have a Facebook account and their crack team of people typed “If your one of the winners – email us with your contact details and ….” Your? Indeed. I’m sure they meant you’re (you are) but apparently, they don’t hire educated interns to run things. They […]

Hockey and Lips

I went to the local Urgent Care Centre last night and my stitches are infected. Yay me. Blech. I am now on an antibiotic and have to go back to have them removed tomorrow if all goes well. I hope so because they really hurt. They pretty much implied they weren’t installed properly, nor was […]

A Meeting with Michael Yormark

had the long awaited and thrice postponed meeting with Michael Yormark, COO at the Panthers. I had all sorts of expectations about who he was and how he might act based on my previous interactions with him, what I’ve read, and what I’ve heard about him. This morning I got a call at the office […]