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Eddie the Eagle takes Flight and Dances

Yep, Crazy Eddie is at it again. Eddie Belfour brought the house down with this beautiful performance worthy of an Emmy. First, the background: Eric Staal was skating in the offensive zone near the boards. Bryan Allen was near him and was called for “tripping” which was dubious. But let’s say it was legitimate for […]

Florida Panther Season Ticket Renewals Redux

In a previous entry on my blog (Florida Panther Season Ticket) I talked about the Panthers. Here’s more news. I finally got an e-mail asking if I was going to renew. Here’s my edited reply: We had talked before and you were going to call me back. It’s been about eight weeks. Anyway, that’s beside […]

NHL Florida Panthers Hockey Message Boards

Hello! Last week an exciting beta test began for a small group of hockey fans. Today, I am pleased to open the beta test for everyone — all hockey fans are welcome. I’ll put the URL at the bottom of this post, but read on first. I’ve created a Message Board System running phpBB — […]

Florida Panther Season Ticket Renewals and Playoff Tickets

INTRODUCTION Originally written in my blog was this bit about the Panthers: Whither Yon NHL Florida Panthers? in which I wondered what the hell was wrong with the Florida Panthers and endeavoured to point out some of the things they’ve screwed up. Naturally, the response was tepid — apparently unless I am writing about Why […]

Whither Yon NHL Florida Panthers?

It’s time for me to weigh in on two topics. And, I’m going to go out on a limb here by publicly trashing the appropriate people. I made two posts on my Panthers List. I have edited them and am putting them here for the whole world. (It’d be better if comments were posted to […]

NHL and NHLPA both Suck — but especially Goodenow

I have cut and pasted this from my Panthers mailing list and then edited it slightly. Rather than write a fancy new post, this sums a lot of it up. A lot of people who caused this suck, but as in any situation, some suck more than others. So to Bob Goodenow I say you […]

NHL and NHLPA both Suck

From the newswire “The NHL offered on Wednesday to go with the players’ association proposal from Dec. 9 that featured a luxury-tax system and an immediate 24 percent rollback on all existing contracts. If it was determined after an unspecified period of time that the deal wasn’t working, the agreement would be converted to the […]

Hockey Playing Future Presidents

In the current “The Hockey News” there is a full-page article on John Kerry. As it turns out he’s a true hockey fan and was a player for some years. He still ice skates recreationally. Yet another reason to save America and not vote for Shrub. Kerry played a charity game earlier this year with […]