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Daniel Radcliffe’s Penis Hits The Web (Harry and the Magic Wand)

My God! If I get one more e-mail asking me about Harry Potter’s dick I will just scream. Yeah, I made a post about it, but it was not a sexual post. It was a “what is the kid thinking” post and more bemused than anything. I posted a publicity still (tasteful but boring) in […]

Harry Potter Actor Now Naked on Stage (with photo)

In a previous post, I reported that Daniel Radcliffe was going to be naked in a new play. I made lots of jokes about Harry Potter and his magic wand. Etc. Well, he’s off and done it now. Previews are beginning soon and he’s posing for ads. I am amused. I am sure every teenage […]

Harry Potter Actor to Be Naked on Stage

(Newer blog entry with photos here). Wow, now there’s news I never expected unlike yesterday’s non-news that N-sync‘s Lance Bass is gay. I mean anyone who didn’t see that coming is dumber than President Bush. Not that I have plans to go see this play, ’cause I’m not sure I have any interest in it, […]