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Limited Medical Update

Oh, wait, there isn’t much of one. I’m sick — but don’t feel bad except for the damn infernal 24/7 hacking. The doctor says I’m sick and am suffering from some unknown viral malaise. Doesn’t that sound fun. My throat is shredded to bits from the constant hacking. Talking hurts, so I haven’t been doing […]

Hiatal Hernia

I have a hiatal hernia — those are the results of the endoscopy. Because it’s not too bad, they are not recommending surgery. They expect to continue to treat my acid reflux with Nexium. I am to follow up with the original doctor in about three weeks. The hiatal hernia is causing the acid reflux […]

Eviscerating My Yard with an Endoscopy at Work

First, my lawn was eviscerated by the lawn people: the same lawn people that do our common areas. Only they aren’t my lawn people, and they came on to my property, and hacked my beautiful shrubbery to death with what I would assume was a chainsaw. It’s the latest picture on my Flickr blog if […]