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Comment ça va?

Ça va? Where to begin? Je ne sais pas. Tomorrow will begin the insurance wars with AvMed. I am not looking forward to that, but it’s important they learn up front they should pick on someone else. If you think fighting back and fighting back hard doesn’t help, you’re wrong. With all the people an […]

Recap Of Health Stuff (Public Version)

If you’re a fan of Queen or South Park or Hockey, you’ll love this clip. Unless you’re from Detroit in which case you might not like it quite so much. There’s much to love in this 2m23s clip. If that doesn’t amuse you, here’s another laugh for my readers: Naked banana sex cult leader flees […]

The first of three boring weekend days…

Today did not start of auspiciously. Slept like shit — that’s becoming par for the course. I go to bed at 11 and sleep for 3 to 4 hours. Wake up and then toss and turn in 30 to 40 minute chunks for the remainder of the night until time to get up. Got out […]

First the public post…

I’d like to ridicule the Florida Panthers first. They have a Facebook account and their crack team of people typed “If your one of the winners – email us with your contact details and ….” Your? Indeed. I’m sure they meant you’re (you are) but apparently, they don’t hire educated interns to run things. They […]

Some Special Thanks

I don’t want to mention names, but I want to make sure those of you who I’ve leaned on for support these past few months know how much I appreciate it. It’s not that any one thing is overwhelming but when a whole list of things is added together; that’s how it became the mess […]

Feeling Unwell :(

I am going to call my doctor before Thursday. That will be two weeks from the date of the cortisone shot. My messed-up heartbeat is not getting better at all. I don’t think it’s related to the cortisone shot, really. On the plus side, I don’t have shooting arm pain, shortness of breath, numbness: those […]

Ouch + Stuff

First, my teeth hurt. Badly. Painfully. I will start to deal with that next week when, I hope, this stupid infection in my mouth is gone and the wounds have started to heal over. I’m sure I need an x-ray but if they touch me there, I’ll probably kill them dead on the spot. It […]

What I Believe

(First, congratulations to Erin on her new TV. She saw it yesterday whilst we were browsing various stores and decided to buy it. So this morning I went with her in my new X5 — with the skanky iDrive system but otherwise wonderful — to move it back to her house. I must say, after […]

Companies That (Still) Suck and Movie Reviews

First, special venom today for Winn-Dixie (previous post) for case 790762 which on 3-3 and 3-11 they promised me a reply from their “District Office” and which hasn’t happened. At least we know why they’ve been bankrupt once already. Second, even more venom for Tony Roma’s (previous post) which still hasn’t replied about my issue […]

Lost, Friends, Stuff

ITEM ONE INCLUDES SPOILERS!I watched the season finale of Lost last night — three hours worth. The recap filled in some holes, though it bothers me that the holes are big enough to require filling in. If Ben decided that he needed to kill Locke after just saving him only to change his mind upon […]