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Weirdness of Today

Today was take your kids to work day or some variant of that depending on what part of the country you live in. We’ve allowed this for quite a few years now though it does cause some slowdown at work. Maybe it’s the economy but we only had two kids this year: the regulars. Anyway, […]

Just Stuff

First, a brief plug for my jokes list. Once again, it’s a read only list. Nobody can post, so no more than 3 or so posts per week normally. Many weeks it’s zero. Some of the jokes are not for the faint of heart. Just go here if you want to join. Secondly, the Panthers […]

Some various Things

Wacko Jacko will now play a total of 50 shows at the O2 which have all sold out. All of them. Wow. I wonder if he’ll actually do them or cancel out like he does everything. Cousin Melanie has produced the most amazing book of family photos I’ve ever seen. Wow. I cannot wait to […]

A Very Busy Day

First, and foremost, a fond farewell to Emmy Award winning actress Bea Arthur best known as Maude in the spin-off from All In The Family and also as Dorothy in the Golden Girls. She was one of my favourite actresses of all time. She was 86 and died of cancer. Many of her fans suspected […]

Random Stuff For Today v3

First, a special shout out to Shane whose (soon to be ex) hockey coach — Phil at Incredible Ice — is a fucking prick. Shane, you’ll be fine and be in Mites — Mite’s to his dad — soon enough. We all got your back. Next up, we have some upsetting news. National Geographic, in […]

Welcome Facebook People :)

Today, I found you could link your blog to your Facebook profile in the ‘news’ tab, so I did. I’d like to welcome all the Facebook people who didn’t know I had a blog. Feel free to join the 213,000 people before you that have already been bored to death by my blog. It’s probably […]

At least you’ve got your job….

…. or maybe not. So I (on the company dime) bought $351 worth of tickets for the Panthers vs Rangers game for some business associates who were coming into to see us. I had tried to get seats in our section, but I couldn’t, so I bought these and sold mine to Johnny B. I […]

Popcorn And Friends

I made microwave popcorn for breakfast. Thanks to Adrian for that. I dropped some and it got under my chair and now there’s popcorn fluff everywhere. I have to vacuum. Speaking of such things, I am looking for a reliable skating partner. I really need to skate almost every week and not randomly. If any […]

Restoring Faith in Humanity

Before I get to the main post, just a little shout out to my pharmacist Vinay at Walgreens (I hope I spelled that right). He’s always been awesome. Everyone should have a pharmacist this good. About six months ago, I even wrote a nice letter to Walgreens corporate office to let them know. I always […]

American Airlines Insanity

You know, I’ve never been a big fan of them going back to a long-ago bad experience. But once I met Murph, I backed off trashing them in public because, well, Murph’s my bud and bad-mouthing his employer is bad for his job security. But I have to let ’em have it. You all remember […]