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Randomness Part Neuf

As I write this, on the HAMMERSMITH & CITY LINE: Minor delays are occurring due to staff shortages. I love Tube widgets. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be on it today, but still. And I have BART widgets too: SF Airport train 1 min, 15 min, 30 min. I won’t be on […]

Two Days On

Let’s start with something “normal” — this was sent to me by my friend Dan (he’s a musician). It’s some kid singing a cover the Police’s Roxanne. He’s about 13, has a voice that will blow you away and plays both the guitar and drums. Phenomenal. And he’s even having a good time. Click here. […]

The Morning After

I’m up. I tried to make it a normal morning. I went to the dry cleaner to pick up stuff. I went to the post office. I went to Starbucks. I got gas for my case. All of that was no problem. I had to drive by the vet’s office. It’s on the way to/from […]

In Pace Requiscat Scooter

It’s just past 1am Friday and I’m starting to write this before I actually send it out. As many of you know, I visited Scooter Wednesday 3 December. I wrote about it and most of the other visits in my blog. During that visit, Scooter told me it was time, but I didn’t say anything […]

Just A Little More Fame

Unlike my bud Murph I am not the Official Media Whore of the Florida Panthers* but I thought I’d mention that I have once again been quoted in a national publication. The new one is an article about inventory counts at Interstate and appeared in Industrial Distribution magazine’s current 12-1 issue. I was also quoted […]

Various Items

Visited Scooter this AM. I was happy not to get any grief from the holiday staff. I brought her brush and brushed her. She didn’t seem happy to see me, but it wasn’t personal. She was just out of it. I met the weekend vet. He looked like he was 14 but he said Scooter […]

What a Bad Day

What a bad day. I woke up, because Scooter decided it was time for breakfast. I went to the bathroom and did my usual stuff and she followed. She did something really weird, put her paws full forward, spread her rear legs and looked like she was trying to take a crap in the bathroom. […]

Sarah Palin Loves Turkey because, I suppose, she IS one

Everyone hates Sarah Palin. At least I do, and that’s all that matters. I’m telling you this because you should know there’s bias here. Lots of it. In spades. But this video was sent to me by one of her fans. Says quite a lot about the sort of person who actually likes her. The […]

Foundation by Mercedes Lackey

I’ve got another book to give a quick review on. I’ve read most of Mercedes Lackey’s work (my friend Paul had recommended the first one to me aeons ago). Lately I’ve given them a little less attention as my horizons expanded and my time for free reading decreased — you should see my unread book […]

Catching Up Is Hard To Do

First, I’ve got a cold so I am cranky as hell. Today (Saturday) I saw Cirque Du Soliel’s Corteo with Maury, who flew in just for this. She’s back out tomorrow. Not one of my favourites in the Cirque pantheon. So-so music and some great bits interspersed with average bits. The parking lot exit was […]