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Jersey Boys (Third Viewing)

I was Karen’s emergency backup date for Jersey Boys after her regular date had a last minute cancellation. We were going to the Hard Rock to eat at Renegade for dinner, but they were closed (a previous visit to Renegade for my birthday can be found in this post). They have new hours and are […]

Wicked, The Review, (Ft Lauderdale 3-15-08)

Right, then. A good night at the theatre (or a bad one) always starts with dinner before the show. This one would be no exception. We ate, al fresco, at a place called the River House. The food was excellent, the service was slow but not bad. Our waiter, however, had the personality of a […]

Cirque Du Soleil: Love (Beatles)

Saturday night I finally saw the latest in the Cirque Du Soleil oeuvre, Love. First, let me state that it was wonderful through and through and I highly recommend into to anyone as entertainment. However, this should not be the first Cirque you ever see. I’ll explain why below. The music was outstanding, but that’s […]

Billy Elliot Comes to America

In another post, I reviewed the play Billy Elliot (London) which has been widely regarded as the best British Musical Ever. Well, it’s finally coming to the United States. As much as I personally loved this play, I’m not sure it’s a good thing. I understood the play, I was able to understand the language […]