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Facebook Privacy, Cooking Cats, and We Are The World 2010

In an unusual move one of the largest Seti@Home crunchers in the world has offered himself up for auction. He’s #21 in the world. Steve from our team bid $200 to lure him to our team and I threw in another $50 — donations go to the Seti@Home coffers. The thread is here. This paragraph […]

A Brutally Long Post With Serious Stuff At The End

I am not a Carl Hiaasen fan. Sorry, Carl. I’m just wildly indifferent about his writing, but Dave sent me a link to the latest Hiaasen column and it’s priceless. This is what I call a WIN. Well done, sir. Well done. Bravo! A nicer piece of mockery I would be hard pressed to find. […]

ACLU Launches Nationwide Action Against NSA Snooping on Americans’ Phone Calls

Don’t Spy On Me is the message from the ACLU. Follow this link, read the article, and then click the big telephone icon and add your name to the list of pissed-off people who don’t think our government should be spying on us. It’s illegal, yes, but more importantly it’s immoral. Frankly, my phone conversations […]

Another Reason Why Bush Scares Me

The headline is only a bit misleading. He’s always scared me because he has neither a conscience or a soul. However, his latest gambit, surveillance of all Americans without due process required by law is just the final straw in a mountain of straws. From the AP story you’ve all read “President Bush has acknowledged […]

Our Government Is Comprised of Morons

Today I was planning on writing a tirade on the much maligned — and rightfully so — Patriot Act. Nobody seems to be willing to take any sort of stand on creating a balance between Security and Stupidity. I like my privacy, and while I really don’t care if anyone gets a list of what […]

Your Printouts Identify You

For details go here: http://www.eff.org/Privacy/printers/ Yes, that’s right. Many color printers print a microscopic identification code which can be traced to you. Next time you send the ransom note, keep it in mind. I’m not sure I like this idea.