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Beatles Rock Band Party

The Quagmire is rapidly approaching the 700th post! It’s sort of exciting really. I can’t believe it.  237,800 viewers and counting. I thought I’d hit a quarter million this year, but it looks like late 2010 now unless something else I write spurs traffic. Disney has announced Pirates of the Caribbean IV: On Stranger Tides. […]

Video Game Console Wars

Whither PS/3, Xbox-360, and Nintendo Wii? Ah, well I am so glad you asked. In the 24 March 2007 issue of the Economist, they do an analysis of which of these systems is better. So far, The Xbox 360 has sold the most consoles but is flopping in Asia while doing well in the US […]

Wither the PS/3 and Nintendo Wii Redux

In a previous post, Wither the PS/3 and Nintendo Wii I had asked for help locating a PS/3 and a Nintendo Wii. The offers of assistance were truly astounding. Amazingly, it all ended with the old standby, e-bay. Amazingly, I got a PS/3 60gb on eBay for just $55 over retail. Prices are falling on […]

Wither the PS/3 and Nintendo Wii

I am writing this to see if anyone out there among my friends, colleagues, or random blog-readers may be able to assist me in locating two items at regular price. I don’t want to go to e-bay and bankrupt myself buying this stuff at auction — I’ve seen those prices, I’m not interested. I’d much […]