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The Return of Alan Price — and more on Kenny

For those of you who wanted to find Kenny Hill, I only remember his icon was ‘red’ and he was from Detroit, Michigan. He’s blocked so I can’t see him. But it’s “Kenny Hill” if you want to look him up. Yo! Kenny! Speak up, I’m sure you’d like to share your side of the […]

Insert Subject Of Your Choice Here

I’ll start off with this quote from McClatchy-Tribune Information Services’ Jon Dawson who is reviewing the new Britney Spears release: “The Singles Collection gathers all of Britney Spears singles released between the years of 1999 and 2009. This is a good thing, because if they’re all in one place, maybe somebody with a flamethrower can […]

A Joke and all sorts of newsbits

“I hate baby seals. They get invited to all the best clubs.” While it’s certainly in poor taste, I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that one-liner. You are going to repeat it to someone. I just know it. Okay, now on with today’s entry. The FTC has instituted rules that will impact a lot […]

Psystar: My First Visit

Back on 4-20 I was thinking about visiting Psystar’s offices to discuss the Mac clone. Psystar is a short drive from my house. I’m sure they’re scammers, but I want to see for myself. So today, I figured I’d drive by. First a few words. Their claims have been met by skepticism on all fronts. […]