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This is an Untitled Post because I couldn’t think of one

Before I begin, I have two random comments: The second (and final) batch of London pictures are posted, BTW. Right, then, I’m glad Christmas is over. Not my favourite time of year. First, it lasts too long, starting before Halloween now and it’s infused with Christmas music. I abhor most of the music. Bah, humbug. […]

Just A Few Notes

The pictures of the London trip will appear on Flickr today and tomorrow. There are about 12 of 226 I will post. The rest are on request only. My broken toe photo is also there but it’s restricted to friends and family only. First up we have a peeve of mine. I hate people who […]


I’ve had one all day. So there. I woke up and went with Karen to Lincoln Road. We had breakfast, walked around, looked at some stores, and then went to Epicure. Epicure sells Smarties! And real English clotted Devonshire cream. I bought the Smarties and a Doctor Brown’s Black Cherry soda. Came home and did […]

A Pair of Chuckletrousers and 2038 Random Boogers

This post has nothing to do with that. In fact, I refuse to explain it. Those of you who know, get it. The rest of you don’t. — CMOT TMPV    (That was fun.) Right. Let’s start with an e-bay item which is a true rare piece of history. Yes, that’s an original Apple I computer. […]


Today my experience that all women are clinically insane on some level was confirmed. I will not relate the story, but must point out banging your head on a concrete wall is far more productive than trying to understand women. I know it’s a cliche, I know it’s dinosaur-era thought, but it’s still true. So […]

Comment ça va?

Ça va? Where to begin? Je ne sais pas. Tomorrow will begin the insurance wars with AvMed. I am not looking forward to that, but it’s important they learn up front they should pick on someone else. If you think fighting back and fighting back hard doesn’t help, you’re wrong. With all the people an […]

A Post of No Consequence

Season opener of House was so-so. I liked his interaction with the doctor, and I liked the characters, but nothing happened. This was an atypical episode and when I watch a doctor show, I want to see some doctoring, House style. A happy House creeps me out and I am sure it can’t last. This […]

Not Much Of Anything

I have a headache for reasons unknown. The season premiere of House is tonight. I have scheduled my root canal for the 29th (visit one) with two more visits to follow. I am sure you all know how much I am looking forward to that. I hope WJM is doing well. I have no news […]

Recap Of Health Stuff (Public Version)

If you’re a fan of Queen or South Park or Hockey, you’ll love this clip. Unless you’re from Detroit in which case you might not like it quite so much. There’s much to love in this 2m23s clip. If that doesn’t amuse you, here’s another laugh for my readers: Naked banana sex cult leader flees […]

When It Rains….

First, if you’re going to use OSX Snow Leopard here’s a compatibility chart you’ll find useful. Make sure your critical applications are updated and make sure you know what won’t work. Be especially careful with disk utilities that may cause more harm than good when used with an operating system they aren’t tested with. Also, […]