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April Fool’s Day 2010

Today’s been a busy day on the Internet with April Fool’s jokes though this year’s crop is less than stellar on average. One of the more amusing ran in London’s Telegraph newspaper revealing that Virgin Media uses ferrets as the key to bridge the digital divide. Many major news outlets ran articles on everyone else’s jokes. Some of the better ones […]

The Return of Alan Price — and more on Kenny

For those of you who wanted to find Kenny Hill, I only remember his icon was ‘red’ and he was from Detroit, Michigan. He’s blocked so I can’t see him. But it’s “Kenny Hill” if you want to look him up. Yo! Kenny! Speak up, I’m sure you’d like to share your side of the […]

Day of Atonement (A Rare Religious Post)

(Shana Tova / Happy New Year / שנה טובה) and (Tsom Kal / Good and Easy Fast) to all my Jewish friends and family. And thanks to Google for helping me look up the Hebrew lettering. [If you don’t have the correct font installed, the lettering in purple will not render on your screen.] Today […]

Random Stuff For Today v3

First, a special shout out to Shane whose (soon to be ex) hockey coach — Phil at Incredible Ice — is a fucking prick. Shane, you’ll be fine and be in Mites — Mite’s to his dad — soon enough. We all got your back. Next up, we have some upsetting news. National Geographic, in […]

Bush’s religious zealotry

I just need to point something out to my small core of faithful readers. Once again, I read where Bush is saying he looks to God for answers. It bothers me on many levels because the Constitution, last I checked, clearly mandates the separation of Church and State. This means, among many things, you can’t […]

Appleism (Apple Becomes a Religion)

I use StumpleUpon regularly, and it dropped me into a blog which has a fascinating post. I’m sorry it took me so long to blog it, but here it is. David Kuo writes a rather interesting piece entitled “Welcome to Appleism, the religion that is Apple.” I don’t want to spoil it all here without […]

Shrek The Third, Diggs, Jerry Falwell

I am rather pleased with the title of my blog entry for today. First, I have removed the “Digg This” button from my individual blog posts as not one single person ever used it. The master button remains. StumbleUpon buttons also remain as sometimes a kind soul takes a liking to what I’ve said and […]

Jerry Falwell Dies at 73

Never take joy in the death of another, but in this case it’s a little hard not to. The world, today, is a better place than yesterday. Now that Mr. Falwell, found of the obscenely named “Moral Majority”, has popped off, perhaps some of his compatriots in religious intolerance will follow along. I hope it […]

A Plethora of Palabras

Wow. This will be a busy post. I have a lot to say. First, this YouTube Video has me highly stressed. I’ve got a very low opinions of all politicians, but is this little clip (verified, thanks) a racist rant from Hillary Clinton? It’s her but is what she saying racist? Interesting thing to wonder […]

Intelligent Design and a bit of Heaven and Hell

I’ve decided to make a serious post about a controversial topic. I’ve done that before in my Why Led Zeppelin Sucks thread. This one’s a bit more serious than that one. Intelligent Design is anything but. I want to state that as my opinion clearly and for the record. There is absolutely, unequivocally no intelligence […]