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Youth In Revolt (Movie Review)

We started the day with breakfast at Original House of Pancakes where I got the Mandarin orange crepes. Karen got a bacon and egg sandwich on sourdough. She wanted a car wash, so we went and waited while they washed it. As they were drying it, a bird kept shitting on the roof because they […]

Rock Beach Grill (Pembroke Pines, Florida) Review

This past Friday evening I ate at the above-named restaurant at 11825 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines. The service started out pretty good. I had ordered a Mango Lemonade to drink, and it was quite tasty. I ordered a second one, which arrived, and I took a sip. I noticed something in it. It was a […]

Vegas Trip Summary

As you know it was a trade show that brought me to Las Vegas on Saturday morning for a stay until Wednesday. The weekend was Greg and Gaby’s 15th anniversary, and perversely, they invited me and Austri to spend it with them. We met up with them around 5pm Saturday for an early dinner at […]

Why I won’t return to Tony Roma’s

Today I had a great meal and decent service, but a really bad experience. I live near Tony Roma’s Doral location. I’ve been eating there regularly since they opened. I’ve been eating at their chain since the very first one opened in North Miami Beach back in the 1970s. Yeah, most people don’t know it […]

Robin Williams’ Reality What A Concept

When I was a kid — 300 to 400 years ago — I first heard Robin Williams’ album “Reality … What a Concept” and it was uproariously funny (subversively bawdy might be a good term). I believe it was my cousin Mike who first played this album for me. I never forgot it, though my […]

Lunt The Cunt

What a horrid title for a blog entry, but you see, it’s really not my fault. I refer you to the original article if you want, but I shall summarize this here. It’s a riot. Anyway, the city of Lunt is having a problem with graffiti artists changing it to the city of Cunt. The […]