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All Sorts of Tidbits

Yesterday my roofers met me at my house after I complained about a leak in my new roof that they have fixed 5 times. I said perhaps they should send a small guy up in the attic to see where the problem really is. They met me, and stuck their head in the attic, insisting […]

Roof News and Cat News with an Acid Reflux Kicker

Weird combination, I know. In the good news department, my roof today passed its final inspection. Blown away around 29 October 2005 by that bitch, Hurricane Wilma whilst I was in China. Installed by BET Roofing over a grueling 16 months, and finished and passed final inspection 13 February 2007. Now, I have to pay […]

I have roof tiles!

In an amazing achievement, there were approximately 10 pallets of roof tiles in my driveway when I got home. This may not seem exciting to most people who wonder where one would park with such an obstacle. Allow me to assure you this is the best thing that could happen. I am now closer to […]

The latest on my roof

Yes, there has been progress of a sort. I have the world’s slowest roofer, you know. I’m sure you’ve been reading the saga here with keen interest*. I’ve not been posting the ongoing details for fear of running off my remaining blog visitors. However, after many missed promises and delays, the base roof is done. […]

I have roofers!!!!!!!

Yes, indeed, today the roofers finally started. So, after six months of waiting I now have less of a roof than I did after the hurricane. I am certain this is a good thing. They are removing what’s left of the old roof (except the underlying particle board) and hauling it away. They are going […]