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Apple, Ghosts, MacBook vs MacBook Pro

Thanks to Suzie-Q and Randy who came back with answers on the MacBook v MacBook Pro. Amazingly none of my local geek friends answered or knew the answers. Their answers — not fact checked because I trust them — are: MacBook is less durable because it has a polycarbonate case versus the MacBook Pro which […]

Cats of All Kinds

Scooter has been in her final resting place, and here’s a photo. I finally am posting what is the final picture of Scooter. Or, more accurately, her final resting place. Sorry that it took so long but this was a hard photo to take, edit, and upload. Harder still was the act of installing her […]

Oh what a day….

As if. Anyway, last night I finally was able to fix a long-established irritant on my Mac. There’s an ACL error that has always shown up in my monthly disk-check feature. All articles say it’s harmless and just an irritant. However, it makes DiskUtility take an hour to run instead of 3 or 4 minutes […]

Breaking News On Identity Theft

I came home to a phone message from a South Florida police agency (to be named later) that someone has been arrested with oodles of my personal information and asking if I’ve been the victim of Identity Theft. I missed the detective in question, but I left him a detailed voice mail and told him […]

Today’s Randomness

I came home today, shut the door quickly as I’ve done for many years to keep the cat from getting out, and was like suddenly “oh, damn.” More leaky eyes. Then, I opened my mail and there was a nice sympathy card from the vet. Not a form card either. She wrote a personal message. […]

In Pace Requiscat Scooter

It’s just past 1am Friday and I’m starting to write this before I actually send it out. As many of you know, I visited Scooter Wednesday 3 December. I wrote about it and most of the other visits in my blog. During that visit, Scooter told me it was time, but I didn’t say anything […]

Scooter Update 5.1

I went and visited Scooter today. She wasn’t happy at all and refused her Petrodex treats. That was a bad sign and I made sure the vet knew it. I petted her and brushed her, but she was just not interested today. So after about 20 minutes I left, leaving her treat behind. I spoke […]

Scooter Update 5.0

News will be further delayed until tomorrow or Friday. A CD of her MRI is being overnighted to the University of Florida veterinary school for another opinion. Three radiologists have reviewed her results and prior to the formal biopsy there are some concerns about the nature of the tumor, her chance for recovery, and several […]

Scooter Update 4.3

I visited her today after work. She was less happy than yesterday, but she cheered up quickly after I brought out her brush and treats. The vet staff is always amazed at how well she responds. (Her neighbour for this entire time, Cujo a Siberian husky, went home today.) There is a delay in an […]

Scooter Update 4.2 plus today’s events

I went to visit Scooter this AM but there was someone in the surgery area so I couldn’t see her. I left her treats, promising to come back later. So I went skating with the Berners. I will not humiliate him by pointing out in my blog that his son Shane skates much better than […]