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London Day Four (Food from Hell)

Today is a legal holiday so things are still closed sporadically. More importantly, all shops are filled to the gills. Last year, to help the economy, the VAT tax was lowered from 17.5% down to something lower (maybe 12% or 15%) and on 12-31-09 they are returning to its former level. The weather is beautiful, […]

England Day 3 (through 4pm GMT)

A follow on for yesterday’s post. I forgot to mention a funny anecdote. When we got to Boots, and Karen was asking about her cough medicine, the pharmacist listened and told her “You’re chesty” and there was a moment of hilarity because what Karen thought he meant and what he really meant were not the […]

Randomness Part Huit

I found a bug in Firefox version 3, which I reported at Bugzilla. Really muffs up the visuals when you try to change text size on one page and it changes the text size on ALL pages. Horrific planning to implement a “new feature” at the expense of useability. Sad because it worked fine. Adrian […]