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Hockey Hubris, The Florida Panthers, the iPad (iTampon?), and Avatar

I am using the word hubris only because Murphy used it in his recent blog entry. It’s an unusual word and if he can use hockey and hubris in a blog post, so can I. I am going to talk about hockey as it turns out. EASTERN CONFERENCE (NHL: National Hockey League) These are based […]

A busy day

First up, an update on the Nucor saga. Next week our State Representative is coming to have meeting with me at our office to see what we’re about, why our industry is upset, and then to decide how involved he may get. I’m working on a presentation — I’m missing that laptop right now, let […]

The Simpsons Movie Review. Excellllleeent.

The movie will make you laugh pretty much from one end to the other and through the credits too. Don’t leave early. I liked it but I did think it was just a two-part episode thrown together on the big screen. All your favourites are there, though there are so many you will find most […]

Live Action Simpsons Video (Official)

The producers of The Simpsons have produced a live action opening sequence. Yes, a live human playing Bart, Lisa, Homer, and Marge. It was produced for Sky One TV in the UK to promote their airing of The Simpsons. It’s a fantastic video for the novelty value — the actors look nothing like the characters […]