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Oh Damn

I wish this cough would go away. It makes me hurt. Dry, hacky, and makes my stomach and back muscles hurt. Maury shared this commercial with me. It will never even be considered to air in the US. The site’s in French, but the ad is in English, though you don’t have to speak a […]

Weekend In Review

Saw Mom and Grandma Saturday and had a nice visit and a huge breakfast at Mo’s. That was the start of the day and I was feeling okay then, relatively speaking. Afterwards, it was going to be “guys day out” but we ended up with Lizzie so our plans changed accordingly. We met up at […]

Fun on an Ugly Day

Woke up and went to breakfast (brunch) at Cheesecake Factory. It ended up being just me and Liz, but I had a most enjoyable time and that’s everyone else’s loss. I had French toast (okay) and bacon (yummy) and a glass of water — still no hot beverages for me 🙁 After which, we went […]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: The Review

Ah, yes, Mister Potter. As has been traditional, I saw the latest Potter film with Jace and Grant. No reason to break that tradition as it’s always been a fun thing to do. First, I think I will go on record as saying this 2h 48m monstrosity is the best Potter yet. And I am […]

Today’s Roundup

Madame de Gaulle was said to have been lunching with the American ambassador at the time of her husband’s retirement when she was asked what she was most looking forward to in the years ahead. She thought for a moment before announcing boldly: “A penis.” A startled hush fell over the table until the former […]

Rock Beach Grill (Pembroke Pines, Florida) Review

This past Friday evening I ate at the above-named restaurant at 11825 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines. The service started out pretty good. I had ordered a Mango Lemonade to drink, and it was quite tasty. I ordered a second one, which arrived, and I took a sip. I noticed something in it. It was a […]

Welcome Facebook People :)

Today, I found you could link your blog to your Facebook profile in the ‘news’ tab, so I did. I’d like to welcome all the Facebook people who didn’t know I had a blog. Feel free to join the 213,000 people before you that have already been bored to death by my blog. It’s probably […]