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Dick Cheney Is Right….

…. Yeah, for a change. Maybe for the first time. He called Barack Obama a one-term president and I think he’s going to be proven right. The Economist Magazine is calling him a failure in its latest issue though they certain feel he can change this still. If there were an election today with Obama […]

The Return of Alan Price — and more on Kenny

For those of you who wanted to find Kenny Hill, I only remember his icon was ‘red’ and he was from Detroit, Michigan. He’s blocked so I can’t see him. But it’s “Kenny Hill” if you want to look him up. Yo! Kenny! Speak up, I’m sure you’d like to share your side of the […]

When Bill Met Steve (A Computer Love Story)

Right, this isn’t a love story. I’ve misled you. Sue me. But this is about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of Microsoft and Apple Computer respectively and the first time they shared the stage together in over two decades. It was a relatively pleasant meeting in which they both praised each other, joked around, and […]