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Ouch + Stuff

First, my teeth hurt. Badly. Painfully. I will start to deal with that next week when, I hope, this stupid infection in my mouth is gone and the wounds have started to heal over. I’m sure I need an x-ray but if they touch me there, I’ll probably kill them dead on the spot. It […]

All Sorts of Blogger Weirdness

Okay, first some people still can’t comment. This is aggravating as hell. I’ve signed off, signed on, and tried it both on a Mac and PC and have no troubles. Other people do. It seems to be a problem with the comment box issue. Evan e-mailed me and said hitting tab a few times got […]

Hockey and Lips

I went to the local Urgent Care Centre last night and my stitches are infected. Yay me. Blech. I am now on an antibiotic and have to go back to have them removed tomorrow if all goes well. I hope so because they really hurt. They pretty much implied they weren’t installed properly, nor was […]

Bruno, Books, and Stitches

I visited Erin yesterday, we went to Stevie B’s for lunch, then we went and saw Bruno (same idea as Borat). It was really, really funny. But both Erin and I agreed it had too much dick. This movie was a veritable pickle fest. Bouncing penises are not funny. But many of the jokes were. […]