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Symantec’s Norton 360: Buggy But Improving

In a recent post, I took Norton 360 to task for being crappy because it deletes other programs that have nothing to do with Norton 360. In my quest to fix everything, I first called support which was insulting, condescending, and accusatory. That got me nowhere except a “uninstall Norton 360” and try again, which […]

Post 501 or a Pair of 501s?

Yeah, this is post 501. I missed the big celebration of 500 🙂 Life goes on. The blog is at 196,000 hits or thereabouts. I’m going to break 200,000 before the year ends. That’s just mind blowing. Most of the visitors are still looking at Led Zeppelin posts and Daniel Radcliffe posts. So if you […]

Symantec Lets Users Down. Collusion With Sony? Another reason to own a Mac.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Sony’s rootkit CD protection scheme that silently loaded itself onto every PC on which one of its CDs was played and how it recently backfired quite literally. It’s been all over the news, and is, I might add, another reason you shouldn’t be using a Windows based PC. However, […]