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An Enormous Post

Fake Steve Jobs (aka Dan Lyons) wrote an amusing piece in his blog today. As you may have seen, Microsoft was planning to sponsor an entire episode of Family Guy. It was to be 30 minutes and sans commercials. The payoff for them was having all sorts of Windows7 references built into the show. Microsoft, […]

Kiss Alive 35 Concert Review, Nucor (Brief), and Announcements

Disc versus Disk. I covered this in my blog well over a year ago (see here) and now none other than Apple Computer has weighed in on the same subject. They pretty much mirror my explanation with one notable exception. Nice to know they agree with me. I want to plug this post called 121 […]

Apple, Ghosts, MacBook vs MacBook Pro

Thanks to Suzie-Q and Randy who came back with answers on the MacBook v MacBook Pro. Amazingly none of my local geek friends answered or knew the answers. Their answers — not fact checked because I trust them — are: MacBook is less durable because it has a polycarbonate case versus the MacBook Pro which […]

Ruminations On The Internet (and other updates)

Erin had sent me an email on the Internet being 40 years old. Her email got me thinking and I’m going to share this story that some of you may have heard before. My first real encounter with computers was in 6th grade. So that’s maybe 30 years ago? I was living in Berkeley and […]


Well it appears our government which is run by idiots (idiots of whichever party you prefer — they’re all idiots to some degree) now want the power to shut down private Internet connections. If you prefer your news from Fox, they’ve got the same report. If the government is concerned about its systems, let them […]

Stuff and Stuff

If you’re not watching Skins on BBC America (Thursdays 9pm) you’re missing one of the best shows BBC has turned out. My original review is in this blog post. This is just really good. I was worried because for series three (now in progress) they replaced the entire cast and went with new kids. The […]

Updates and Such (Microsoft, Health, etc)

Let’s start with something that amuses me: A US federal court judge has banned Microsoft from selling Word over patent infringement claims and has added a $290 million dollar fine for willful infringement. Microsoft, of course, plans to appeal. This will be like the case where Apple sued them for stealing the trash-can on the […]

Maybe God Hates Me

Been a rough year so far. So now, we can add to the pile. My main hard drive on my Mac suddenly stopped working. No idea why or anything. Disk Utility won’t verify it.I think it’s probably a complete loss, but am not sure. I do have a partial backup — but it was backing […]

Bing.com: Do It Yourself Circumcision (Why Bing fails)

I have a blog. I write about many things. The above topic is not one of them. I promise and I do not intend to change that. However, I must report this because Erin demanded I do it. (Apparently having your foot in a cast impairs your vision of what makes good blog content.) I […]

AT&T’s U-Verse Service

A number of my friends have this and seem to be pleased. U-verse is vDSL — even though when I ordered it, they told me it was FibreOptic — and has speeds up to 18MBPS. It’s not been available in my neighbourhood until this month, though the product itself is a few years old. Normally […]