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The Return of Sanford Wallace

Sanford Wallace, generally credited* with modern spam**, the scourge of the Internet, is at it again. This time, MySpace is suing him. I’m quite mystified why someone hasn’t given him a pair of cement shoes and thrown him over a bridge. Like many things in life, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right. Now […]

Video Game Console Wars

Whither PS/3, Xbox-360, and Nintendo Wii? Ah, well I am so glad you asked. In the 24 March 2007 issue of the Economist, they do an analysis of which of these systems is better. So far, The Xbox 360 has sold the most consoles but is flopping in Asia while doing well in the US […]

Music and the 1 Terabyte Hard Drive. Complete.

I have had a series of posts about my ongoing CD ripping project started 1-1-07 and finished today 3-6-07 after 65 days of work. The first post is here, but you can see them all by using the labels (tags) feature. The final result is 10,629 songs for a continuous playing time of 29.8 days […]

Idiotic Windows Users

I realize my Mac friends will think the title of this is utterly redundant, and I would generally be forced to agree on some level, but I also use a Windoze PC besides my trusty Macintosh. (In this article when I refer to PC, I am referring to Windows based PCs. I am all for […]

I got a Wii today :)

I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a Wii! I got a […]

In My Ongoing CD Ripping Project

In a previous post or two, I’ve commented on this project. As of right now, I’m at 20.5 days of continuous music, representing over 7400 songs and counting. I’m on the Classical section and it’s slow going because of various discrepancies in the process that don’t happen with Rock/Pop CDs. With all the foreign names, […]

Another reason to hate Windows Vista

If you read these DRM comments and still install it, you’re a nutter. Seriously, you can’t play selected CDs, you can’t use selected hardware and cables. It’s just screwed. Seriously, I am anti-Microsoft and I gladly admit that, but these things are even worse than you could imagine. If you must use Windows, at least […]

More On Music and the 1 Terabyte Hard Drive

In my previous post entitled Music and the 1 Terabyte Hard Drive, I detailed my plans for this monumental project of ripping all my CDs into iTunes. It’s been a much larger task than I thought but here’s an update. I am on the letter “S” today (remember, I’m only in my Pop/Rock library) and […]

iPhone, iPod, Beatles, and Apple’s New Name

Welcome, Apple Inc. That’s the new name of Apple Computer, Inc. The word “computer” has gone missing as they foray further and further into consumer electronics. Today the announcement of the iPhone (surprising absolutely nobody) and the Apple TV unit were met with great reviews. Shares of all rival phone makers plummeted an average of […]

Music and the 1 Terabyte Hard Drive

Everyone who knows me knows I love music. I own close to 1000 CDs, all store bought. Over the years, I have downloaded more than a few songs — most I own but am too damned lazy to go find the CD, bring it upstairs, rip a track, put it back, and then update all […]