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I’ve had one all day. So there. I woke up and went with Karen to Lincoln Road. We had breakfast, walked around, looked at some stores, and then went to Epicure. Epicure sells Smarties! And real English clotted Devonshire cream. I bought the Smarties and a Doctor Brown’s Black Cherry soda. Came home and did […]

The Murphy Post: It’s all His Fault (plus Nation Book Review)

First, my original flight was cancelled months ago, so I was re-booked on the afternoon flight. I e-mailed the legendary media-whore and American Airlines pilot VanMurph and told him he should arrange to fly my flight. It’s too bad he didn’t because I had a surprise for him. I had a copy of the article […]

A Lazy Sunday

First, Robert Lynn Asprin, author of the Myth series of novels as well as the Phule’s Company series of novels is dead from natural causes in New Orleans. He died in May in bed whilst reading a Terry Pratchett novel. I just found out when I got my new issue of Locus Magazine. Second, Adrian […]

Making Money (Pratchett Book Review)

Ah, yes, another in the beloved Discworld series, and I’ve just finished it — Terry Pratchett’s latest adventure. This one features Moist, Vetinari, and cameos by some of the Guards. It’s a direct follow-on to Going Postal. I really liked Going Postal. And I liked this one too. However if you’re looking for Terry’s normal […]