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Bitches Deserving To Die

Some people stain the planet by their mere presence. This bitch is one such miserable cretin who is a shit-stain on the reputation of humankind. The only justice in this would be that her own son finally turned her in after she forced her own children into torturing animals. If you like animals, you probably […]

All Sorts of Tidbits II

Ah, yes, the compendium type post. Sure to be of interest to no-one, except, guess what? You’re here reading it. So it must interest someone at least little on some level. That or your RSS reader has let you down in a spectacular fashion. First, the blog is approaching 200,000 posts and I expect we’ll […]

Once again, Miami tops ‘road rage’ list

Once again, Miami has the worst road-rage of any city in the USA. As a driver here, I can tell you … wait? how dare you cut me off? I’ll kill you, you son-of-a bitch … where was I? Oh, yeah, we have the most insane, impossible drivers. Anyone who lives here and has to […]