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Scooter Visit (Tues)

I went to visit Scooter today after work, or more accurately I left work before 4pm and went to visit Scooter. They made me wait a few minutes before I could see her. Because she can’t be moved, I have to visit her back in the actual clinic — they normally don’t allow visitors. But […]

Quick Scooter Update :(

I don’t have too much to report and what I have is not good. I didn’t get any further answers out of the emergency vet last night, so this morning I called the regular vet. He called the emergency vet and he has no ideas either. I spoke the head doctor at the emergency vet […]

What a Bad Day

What a bad day. I woke up, because Scooter decided it was time for breakfast. I went to the bathroom and did my usual stuff and she followed. She did something really weird, put her paws full forward, spread her rear legs and looked like she was trying to take a crap in the bathroom. […]

More Car and More Politics and Scooter

CAR I have insurance. Yay. Tomorrow, I begin regular use of my new car. My MDX has been turned in after its inspection (passed just fine). I put the HAT TRK tag on the X5 though it’s still technically registered to the MDX. One hopes BMW is making haste with that transfer. (I have a […]

Scooter Update 2.0

Scooter went in for a follow-up visit today. Here’s what I had given to the vet. (This refers to her original condition): I just want to reiterate a few points: The morning Scooter had her incident she was fine. She was jumping up on tables, playing, being her usual rambunctious self. When I came home, […]

First, a Scooter Update

Scooter is home. I picked her up from the vet earlier today. I’d love to tell you she’s feeling fine, but she isn’t. However, she is thrilled to be home. I spent some time with her, then left her alone for a short time to do a few errands. She cannot walk all that well, […]

Even More Scooter News :(

First, see previous post from yesterday. I had an appointment today at 4pm to pick up Scooter and take her home. This appointment was made yesterday because Dr. Child was confident Scooter would be in better shape and able to go home. Friday afternoon is not the time to go to a vet’s office. After […]

Scooter News :(

Scooter has been losing a little bit of weight — mostly eating a bit less. But otherwise, she has been behaving normally. Just this morning she jumped up on the table and had a try at my breakfast — something she normally does. She still jumps all over, and is generally active and cantankerous. Her […]

Scooter Update

A busy day for me, to be sure. I came home after receiving the hernia news, and had a message to please contact the vet’s office to schedule an appointment for more blood work on my cat Scooter. Of course, I immediately called and made an appointment to do so. (If you’d like to see […]

Cat News

A number of you have inquired about Scooter’s well-being. Thanks to those who cared. My vet is a good vet (a very overpriced vet, but I’ll take overpriced any day over cheap and not good). She’s been on antibiotics for a week to clear up any infection she might have had prior to said surgery. […]