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Hobbling About

Hobbling was the word of the day. Still not adjusted to the time. Up at absurd hour, and then sent Karen an email to let her know I was awake. We went to the cafe and had a vastly underwhelming breakfast. We went for a walk on her bad leg via Mandalay Place, Luxor, Excalibur, […]

Not Much Of Anything

I have a headache for reasons unknown. The season premiere of House is tonight. I have scheduled my root canal for the 29th (visit one) with two more visits to follow. I am sure you all know how much I am looking forward to that. I hope WJM is doing well. I have no news […]

Brief Update on Health and Work

So, let’s see about today’s update. I feel I owe you one. First, I am scheduled to see the doctor again tomorrow about this heart thing. I am pretty sure I have an idea about it, and I have printed out a page from the web about it. My doctor will laugh because it came […]

Oh what a day….

As if. Anyway, last night I finally was able to fix a long-established irritant on my Mac. There’s an ACL error that has always shown up in my monthly disk-check feature. All articles say it’s harmless and just an irritant. However, it makes DiskUtility take an hour to run instead of 3 or 4 minutes […]

An Article Everyone Should Read

MacLean’s Magazine had a great article by Steve Maich. I am an employer, and I’ve previously said the thing I hate more than firing people is hiring them. This article sums it up nicely. It gives every single poor character trait of the modern young person who applies for a job. If you’re a young […]

Amusing and Bemused Post

Eviscerating My Yard with an Endoscopy at Work

First, my lawn was eviscerated by the lawn people: the same lawn people that do our common areas. Only they aren’t my lawn people, and they came on to my property, and hacked my beautiful shrubbery to death with what I would assume was a chainsaw. It’s the latest picture on my Flickr blog if […]