Author: Nick Hall

RIP Geraldine Colle Lobel, Grandmother

9-27-1920 to 4-1-2015 From Eric, per his request.

RIP Ronald Seiden

From Eric, per his request.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

“Friends are God’s way of saying ‘sorry’ for your family.” A friend said that to me and I must say I’m truly enamoured of it because it’s so spot-on. I like my friends. I want to expand the list a little, but I’m content with what I’ve got. I think most of ’em I can […]

He Shoots, He Scores. Au revoir, Les Habs :)

Yeah, okay, let’s start with a hockey post. Richard Zednik (he of the slashed throat) scored one of the most amazing goals seen since “The Goal” scored by Billy Lindsay. View Zednik’s Goal Here [LINK]* It’s been a long time since the Panthers fans have seen a complete, nearly perfect performance. And last night we […]

Call Me Paranoid

Call me paranoid, but I am greatly concerned about this upcoming election. I see a number of scenarios in which the Republican Party tries to steal the election. I don’t believe it’ll be McCain’s doing because he’s not an evil man, though his running mate is an evil woman. I see possibilities for massive voter […]

Cult of Mac

ISBN 1-886411-83-2 This is such a kick-ass book, I would encourage all my MacHead friends to go and buy it. If you’re one of those “other” people who use that Windows trash, perhaps reading this book will help you understand why we MacHeads are so fanatical and loyal. Maybe we should call ourselves MacQuaeda? “The […]