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In life there are winners and….

I’m not sure how I feel about the name of the site, but this post is pretty awesome #99 Grammar. Bottom line is pretty much every group has grammatical morons. Judging from the comments on the Led Zeppelin post, stoned people have a far more difficult time grasping grammar. Even highfalutin executives can’t handle basic grammar. […]

London Day Six (Cold Rain)

Today we got up and exchange our room keys. We’re moving from paid nights to free nights for the balance of the trip. Everyone here’s in a tizzy over VAT changing back because of the computer ramifications. They’re going to make the entire hotel check out 1-1 and check back in at the new rate. […]

Abbey Road: A True Rarity

This is a true rarity and a piece of music history. This is perhaps one of the most unique pieces of Beatles memorabilia known. (After you read here, click on the photo for a larger and better version that is annotated.) There were six photos taken for the cover of Abbey Road. This is the […]