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How to Train Your Dragon

I wasn’t going to see this film. I thought the previews looked silly and the title made it seem uninteresting. The film needs a better name. The reviews were pretty good so ultimately, I decided I’d go see it. The Higgi, Mom, Timmy and went along with me. And with the aid of a shitload […]

Weekend In Review

Saw Mom and Grandma Saturday and had a nice visit and a huge breakfast at Mo’s. That was the start of the day and I was feeling okay then, relatively speaking. Afterwards, it was going to be “guys day out” but we ended up with Lizzie so our plans changed accordingly. We met up at […]

The Complete Disney Film List And My Rankings

These are the classic animated Disney films. These are FULL LENGTH FEATURES ONLY. The list does not include animated films distributed but not produced by Disney. It also doesn’t include direct to video releases. The first column is the order in which they were released, and the second column is my opinion as to the […]

The Simpsons Movie Review. Excellllleeent.

The movie will make you laugh pretty much from one end to the other and through the credits too. Don’t leave early. I liked it but I did think it was just a two-part episode thrown together on the big screen. All your favourites are there, though there are so many you will find most […]

Ratatouille Really Rocks

Ratatouille really rocks. This rodent tale, written and directed by Brad Bird of Incredibles fame, is one powerful film. When I first saw the previews, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t interested. I thought it was going to be the worst of the Pixar lot (Cars currently holds that honour in my opinion). Instead, I have […]

Happy Feet

Yeah, I finally saw Happy Feet. I saw the preview some time ago and thought it looked stupid. I didn’t really want to see it. But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Everyone who did see it, told me they liked it or loved it. Sure, they all thought it got […]