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Face Plant

I shall start off with an embarrassing story. I went bowling today — got three of my worst scores in memory — with Timmy. Karen did a no-show. So Timmy goes first and, since there are no practice frames, bowls a lousy five in two balls. I am amused, so I go up slide forward […]

Eleventh Grade Burns: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (Book IV)

A bit about foreign policies before my regular post. I read The Economist magazine (along with Time, Newsweek, Aviation Week, Rolling Stone, and Entertainment Weekly among others) because I like to read and to be informed about various topics. This one just intrigued me. In India a local non-governmental organisation has invented a new sort […]

News Analyses and Other Fun Stuff

First this article from the BBC news site. It’s about Google’s efforts to scan every book and make it available (in limited parts) on their search engine. Lots of people are pissed off. Google started doing it for works out of copyright and nobody really objected, and nobody should. That’s public domain. Then they decided […]