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Brrr: London, Day Seven

I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. When you read this in the US it’ll be well past New Year’s here. Five-hour time difference after all. The promised cold weather has arrived, and the temperatures are in the upper 30s already and continuing to fall with snow expected in the small hours. It […]

London Day Six (Cold Rain)

Today we got up and exchange our room keys. We’re moving from paid nights to free nights for the balance of the trip. Everyone here’s in a tizzy over VAT changing back because of the computer ramifications. They’re going to make the entire hotel check out 1-1 and check back in at the new rate. […]

England Day 4 end and Day 5 Complete

Last night Karen’s feet were hurting because, against all advice, she wore NEW shoes on the trip and had multiple blisters. So, long about 545pm we raced via foot and tube to Lilywhite’s for her to buy new shoes. Naturally she started to buy the nice-looking ones and not the comfortable ones. What is WRONG […]

Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries Dies

One of the funniest actors in the Britcom genres, John Inman has died today at age 71. He is best known for the role of Mr. Humphries in the classic Are You Being Served? series on BBC television which ran for nearly 13 years. He and Mrs. Slocombe (Mollie Sugden) stole the show — he […]

So very damned British

This exchange is from Planet Damnation. I am posting it here because it’s so fabulously British it defies explanation to anyone who hasn’t experienced Britishness at its finest. The setting is the first Gulf War. RAF Wing Commander David Farquahar had a briefcase with a laptop containing the entire Gulf War briefing plans. Said briefcase […]