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Youth In Revolt (Movie Review)

We started the day with breakfast at Original House of Pancakes where I got the Mandarin orange crepes. Karen got a bacon and egg sandwich on sourdough. She wanted a car wash, so we went and waited while they washed it. As they were drying it, a bird kept shitting on the roof because they […]

Youth In Revolt and other news….

First, I must thank Jose for telling me he saw a trailer for the legendary novel Youth In Revolt which is a journal by one Nick Twisp. This is awesome news potentially. It stars Michael Cera (of Arrested Development fame) which is nice because he’s a good actor, but I don’t feel he looks the […]

Nick Twisp (and his Younger Brother)

This is a double-review of both “Young and Revolting” the (apparently) last Nick Twisp book and “Revoltingly Young” the story of Nick’s younger brother. CD Payne has an interesting style, and if you’re reading this review, I can only assume you’ve read the original “Youth in Revolt” which is an utter classic. Nick Twisp begins […]