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The Struggle Of A Blog Entry

Many days I have nothing to blog, so I don’t. Usually when I have something to blog, it’s hard to know what post to start with. Officially, I don’t care who reads or not, but I still feel obligated to be interesting. As a writer, you want to grab people with the first thing you […]

Disc vs Disk

I am reminded of a long-term pet peeve by Spencer F Katt’s column in the 22 September 2008 issue of e-week magazine. In writing about technology there is both a Disc and a Disk. They are not interchangeable, and they don’t mean the same thing. Here’s a guide to getting it right. First, a Disc […]

Western Digital Makes Good

First I refer you to a previous post about Western Digital. I don’t want to go over all that again. I believe I also mentioned in a follow up post that I had sent a missive by certified mail to John Coyne, the CEO of Western Digital. The day I sent that letter, or maybe […]

Stupid Ass Companies and Not Stupid Ass Companies

Stupid Ass Company Number One (MacWorld Magazine): I got my current issue of MacWorld (my subscription expires September) informing me I’d been signed up for Automatic Renewal Privileges. They gave me a list of these and it’s mostly stuff that benefits them and not me. Neither here nor there. The renewal rate is $34 per […]