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Hong Kong & USA Sunday (End of Trip)

Sunday morning and I’m up with my 6am wake-up call (6pm Saturday back in the States) in Hong Kong after a very short sleep. Nice wakeup call — a real person who asks if you want a ring back in 15 minutes to be sure you’re awake. I like that. Yesterday’s breakfast was so smashing, […]

Hong Kong Saturday

It’s another Saturday night and here I am in Hong Kong after a very long day. It started well with an awesome breakfast which was, this being Hong Kong, insanely overpriced. English style Eggs, Bacon, and Toast with coffee for around US$40. Our first meeting was pretty much pointless for me, but it was Greg’s […]

Macao/Hong Kong

I am now at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. Friday was packed — it’s about 650am Saturday as I finish this post. Woke up early, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my hair* — met the Maks for breakfast. A real buffet at any rate with lots of meat and stuff. Tasty stuff. […]

The Big Puta (my trip to the Far East)

Hello:(Last revised and updated 11-12-05) Well, I’m back and here’s the trip report for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China brought to you by our sponsor: that nasty bitch Hurricane Wilma. I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone how much I didn’t want to go on this trip — anyone who knows me heard me […]