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Nucor Suffers Crushing Defeat

The good, fantastic, thrilling news is that Nucor, thanks to our industry’s objections, had their complaint voted down 6-0 so there is no immediate effect. We Twittered and posted on our Facebook account earlier today. The official ruling may be read here.  Why did they lose? I don’t know. However, a 6-0 decision against them […]

Today’s Collection Of Commentary and Foodstuffs

I am tired. Really tired. First, this awesome article on The Beatles and what today’s kids think of them, from a reporter with the London Times. I can’t remember which friend provided this, but I like it. Yeah, the Beatles are cool generation after generation. Second, this video is from Jose’s Facebook page: (Link gone […]

Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don’t

Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don’t . — Old TV Commercial (Mounds & Almond Joy) Well I came across this on someone else’s blog. Now, I can’t remember whose blog it was so I can’t give them credit. However, this item of clothing is so cool, it is noteworthy. Yes, a bright […]