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Tickle In My Throat Still

Being sick sucks big time. I don’t even feel bad. There’s just this tickle from the dreaded sinus drain that keeps making me cough. I hate it. A lot. And when I lie down, it’s brutal. I had a great dinner with Steph tonight. She’s an ex-employee — the only one I’m actually friends with […]

Happy Birthday Mom (Trip Report)

Mom’s surprise trip has concluded, and I am now back home. She’s due back in Orlando any minute (if the airplane gods are kind). So. Mom’s trip was to see a Tina Turner Concert. I kept that part from her right until 30 minutes before the show. I hosed her good! That was Saturday Night. […]

Tunnels (Review)

Tunnels is a book by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. I bought this right after Christmas at the Borders near Sawgrass Mills. It was an unintended purchase. As is my wont, I was walking through the bookstore and the title, for obvious reasons, struck me. I picked it up and found it was set in […]