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Spectacular Fail

I had a nice early holiday at Grandma’s. Me, Mom, and my Aunt all chipped in and got her a 26″ LCD flat screen to replace her 21″ tube TV which was slowly dying. Sophia (a vendor of mine in China) sent a beautiful walking cane for her. By far the nicest gift of the […]

Good Service Is Hard To Find. But not at CBL.

I am famous (infamous?) for my diatribes against companies that provide lousy service, poor attempts at customer service, as well indifferent, incompetent, and unknowledgeable staff. It is rare that I can write something good about a company. I wish I could, but it is a sadly rare event. People have come to expect the average […]

I hate Bad Service

Today, I took Grandma to Rascal House, because we like it there. Besides, it’s an Institution in these parts. The food is always good. The service is generally surly but efficient. The service was inexplicably horrible today. Grandma hates when I make a scene, or the manager would have heard about it. I had the […]

Medical Crap

Yeah, whatever. I had a horrible medical experience earlier this month. I wrote very testy snail-mail letters to my soon-to-be ex-doctor and CVS Pharmacy. I will spare you the bloody (literally) details of what started this all and fail to mention it continues. I am in search of an excellent dermatologist who actually gives a […]