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Why am I up at 348am?

OK, it’s 452am as I start this post, because before hand I checked my credit card receipts against my statements,  made a post over at the Panthers Hockey Message Boards,   filed my medical receipts for the week,  had a drink of water ( twice 4x),  turned on the TV looking for something and found […]

Companies That (Still) Suck and Movie Reviews

First, special venom today for Winn-Dixie (previous post) for case 790762 which on 3-3 and 3-11 they promised me a reply from their “District Office” and which hasn’t happened. At least we know why they’ve been bankrupt once already. Second, even more venom for Tony Roma’s (previous post) which still hasn’t replied about my issue […]

Art, Drives, and Stuff you don’t care about

Platform For Art: it’s one of the many things to love about the Tube (or the London Underground, or even subway for you leftpondians.) Every now and again I just have to throw in a plug for my favourite transit system of all time — BART comes in second for inquiring minds. When I go […]

Why I won’t return to Tony Roma’s

Today I had a great meal and decent service, but a really bad experience. I live near Tony Roma’s Doral. I’ve been eating there regularly since they opened. I’ve been eating at their chain since the very first one opened in North Miami Beach back in the 1970s. Yeah, most people don’t know it started […]