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Vegas Trip Summary

As you know it was a trade show that brought me to Las Vegas on Saturday morning for a stay until Wednesday. The weekend was Greg and Gaby’s 15th anniversary, and perversely, they invited me and Austri to spend it with them. We met up with them around 5pm Saturday for an early dinner at […]

Why I want to own a Casino 2.0

This will be my third annual why I want to own a casino post in which I marvel at obscene amounts of money and rip on Donald Trump. Previous posts are here: 2006 and 2007. Today we’ll use the Wynn as our example. The Wynn is a lovely place, though they do not get my […]

Macao/Hong Kong

I am now at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. Friday was packed — it’s about 650am Saturday as I finish this post. Woke up early, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my hair* — met the Maks for breakfast. A real buffet at any rate with lots of meat and stuff. Tasty stuff. […]

China/Macao — through Thurs PM

Here I am at the Wynn Macao where the internet isn’t censored. I can send e-mail, visit websites and be normal (as normal as I can be anyway). When we last left our intrepid traveller I had arrived at our hotel in Ningbo where my computer was under constant attack. The next day we had […]