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A Visit Avec Mom

Flew up CO and we boarded on time, sat on the tarmac for twenty for an engine check, and were off after that. Arrived twenty late due to late departure, but we had an unusual flight path right near Disney, so had a nice view of everything. Pilot was like twelve years old and that […]

Relatively Speaking

So, Mom’s been after me to go to this family picnic in Orlando on the 24th. I’ve kept the date open even though relatives are not way high on my list of things. I’m basically a loner and happily unapologetic for it. My list of reasons is long, but they aren’t for public discussion as […]

American Airlines Insanity

You know, I’ve never been a big fan of them going back to a long-ago bad experience. But once I met Murph, I backed off trashing them in public because, well, Murph’s my bud and bad-mouthing his employer is bad for his job security. But I have to let ’em have it. You all remember […]

The Murphy Post: It’s all His Fault (plus Nation Book Review)

First, my original flight was cancelled months ago, so I was re-booked on the afternoon flight. I e-mailed the legendary media-whore and American Airlines pilot VanMurph and told him he should arrange to fly my flight. It’s too bad he didn’t because I had a surprise for him. I had a copy of the article […]