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Having Sex With Your Hand (And Not Making A Mess)

Yeah, before we get to the subject line, let me first mention a few real stories. The most admired and trusted company in the world is? Apple Computer. Forbes, who conducted the survey says “this year generated the highest response rate in its history … For the third straight year Apple takes the No. 1 […]

Let It Rain (London Day Five)

We met Jan and Anna at the Patisserie at about 830am for an English Breakfast. We enjoyed it and had a nice time. Thanks for picking up the tab, Jan! It was raining lightly as we headed to the tube station and down to the District line platforms for our ride to Westminster where we […]

A Busy-Ass Weekend

I guess I should start by blasting the Florida Panthers team. I often bash the management, but this time it’s the team’s turn. The Panthers Suck Ass and should be ashamed of themselves. In fact, they should apologize to their fans for making a habit of giving up games in the final minutes of a […]

Where The Wild Things Are: Spoiler Free Review

So, I finally went to bed around 630 or so this morning (see post from earlier today) and was up around 830am. Today was Karen day. We went to Einstein Bagels for breakfast and got what we deserved: shit on a plastic tray. We knew what to expect, we went anyway, we deserved it. First […]