A Busy-Ass Weekend

I guess I should start by blasting the Florida Panthers team. I often bash the management, but this time it’s the team’s turn.

The Panthers Suck Ass and should be ashamed of themselves. In fact, they should apologize to their fans for making a habit of giving up games in the final minutes of a game. How many games in a row can you be winning and blow it in the final two minutes? How many times will you continue to just not show up? If I can show up at every game, so can you. You’re paid millions of dollars. If you’re going to play like a minor leaguer, then you should be paid like one. Use the rest to give refunds to us, the long-suffering, loyal fans. We may love you, but we don’t like you very much right now.

I wish to point out that the Panthers’ third jersey has yet to register a regulation win. The team needs to abandon it. A perfect record, but the wrong kind. It’s bad luck, a jinx, whatever you want to call it. We hockey fans (and players) are a superstitious lot. Ditch the third jersey — aesthetics are irrelevant.

Saturday, we (Pablo, Timmy, and Me) ripped apart my downstairs entertainment centre components, brought some down, and re-assembled them in a new all-digital configuration. Some items were removed and some added. Special thanks to Pablo and Timmy for helping. Pablo for helping with the work — he’s good, Timmy for helping with the reading (my eyes are not so good). It all works much better than the last mess (don’t ever hire the Geek Squad. Ever. They suck salty, sweaty balls.)

Added: PS/3: Dual Cassette Deck, S-VHS VCR, 8mm VCR, LD/DVD Player, Plasma TV, Wii, Digital AV Receiver replaced (old one upstairs). Sunday (today), I did the upstairs system the same way, but solo. Standard Blu-Ray player: Standard DVD Player, PS3 (moved downstairs), Analogue AV Receiver Plasma TV, Digital A/V Receiver (old one from downstairs) I also figured out why the geek squad couldn’t get it to work properly with the PS/3 and LD player. Because they didn’t read the manual. The manual explains how to configure it properly. It also shows how you can only get the configuration menu using analogue video (Yellow S-video or Yellow RCA). Somewhere I have a post about how much Geek Squad sucks. Next time I don’t want to do it, I’ll hire Pablo: he’s smarter, faster, and better. I owe him dinner. Today I went to Art Miami with Karen. We had fun looking at the art. There was great art, good art, confusing art, and even penis art. I don’t mean nudes, either. I mean a very disturbing oil painting with penises (penii?) from around the world. I looked for a few seconds before running away. Karen studied it quite a bit longer There was an awesome tiled teddy bear sculpture. I would have bought it, but it was way too big for my house. That and $49,500 + tax. At every single booth, the employees working it were stand-offish and didn’t approach. I might have bought some art if they had. There were some nice Peter Max items and so many other cool things. We also watched a number of the video exhibits. We also went to Red Dot as well (part of the exhibition but down the street). This was lower end art. The employees were far, far friendlier. The things I liked I couldn’t afford and the things I could afford, I didn’t like. Welcome to the art world. We also met the guy — Larry “Tremain” Steinman — who was famously involved in the station in Pirate Radio and ended up talking to him for nearly an hour. He runs an art gallery, and we had no idea it was him. We were discussing art and then London got mentioned and one discussion led to another, and soon he told us a few great stories. He gave us some nice restaurant recommendations and such. He’s quite a character and a nice guy. I’ve got his card now and promised to write him a review after I’ve eaten there. Want to know more about him? Go here or here or here or here.  I also did laundry, wrapped a few remaining holiday gifts, went to the grocery story, and Pollo Tropical for dinner after watching the Dolphin game on TV.

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